Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does my FIRM also need to be registered with the ND State Board of Architecture and Landscape Architecture?
A. No, the ND State Board of Architecture only licenses individuals not firms. However, your firm needs to file with the ND Secretary of State's office to do business in the state as an in-state or foreign corporation. You should contact their office at 701-328-4284. One of the forms they require will need to be filled out and mailed to us to certify that you are licensed in the state. We will notarize it and mail it back to you to submit with the additional paperwork they require. That form can be found on their website or ours.

Q. I want to take the ARE. What do I need to do?
A. The Architect Registration Examination (ARE) is prepared by the National Council of Architectual Registration Boards. For information visit

Q. I want to take the LARE. What do I need to do?
A. The Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE) is prepared by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards. For information visit
Q. May I solicit work in the state of North Dakota without being registered - then once a project is secured, follow up to complete the registration process?
A. A person, who holds the certification issued by the national council of architectural registration boards (NCARB), or the council of landscape architectural registration boards (CLARB), but who is not currently registered in the jurisdiction, is permitted to seek an architectural, or landscape architectural project in North Dakota; provided the person notifies the ND State Board of Architecture in writing that the person holds an NCARB or CLARB certificate and is not currently registered in the jurisdiction, but will be present in North Dakota persuing a specific project and the person promises to apply immediately to the ND State Board for registration if selected as the architect or landscape architect for the project. See article 8.02-02-06 of the NDSBA Rules & Regulations for details.

Q. Can architecture services be offered through a corporation in North Dakota? If so, does the corporation need to be a Professional Corporation or can it be a General Business Corporation? 
A. A firm’s operating agreement must reflect that architectural services are under the control of an architect licensed in North Dakota. If engineering services are offered, within that same firm, engineering services must be under the control of an engineer licensed in North Dakota. See North Dakota Century Code - chapter 43-03 and article 8.01 through 8.07 of the NDSBA Rules & Regulations for details.
Q. Is my specific project exempt from needing a licensed architect/landscape architect?
A. The North Dakota State Board of Architecture does not provide legal advice or interpretation for individual circumstances related to projects or the practice of architecture or landscape architecture. If you remain in doubt, please consider licensure to err on the side of caution or seek advice of counsel.
Q. Does North Dakota have any continuing education requirements?
A. At this time North Dakota does not have any continuing education requirements however, this is subject to change.
Q. How long does the process take once you receive my application for reciprocal registration?
A.  Once we receive your NCARB Council Record, Uniform Application and check for $150 it takes approximately 3 weeks to process a license. If for any reason the board feels the need to look into an application further, they may take longer to review and process your application.
Q. Are architects and landscape architects allowed to use computer generated seals?
A. Yes, see article 8.06-01 of the NDSBA Rules & Regulations for digital stamp and signature requirements. The required stamp must be aquired by the license holder.
Q. Where can I find the Uniform Application?
A. This application can be found on NCARB’s website when you request the transmittal of your council record to ND. It is one of the steps in that process. If you have not yet requested the transmittal, you can watch for it when you do so. A link to the application is also available on this website.